Moore's Graduate Studies programs, open to women, men and nonbinary students from all backgrounds, continue and build upon the College's rich legacy of esteemed and progressive education. We offer an array of opportunities for creative and professional growth to artists, educators, advocates, academics, community leaders and more. 

Our curricula are informed by a dynamic interplay of immersive experiences, research and art-making that emphasize reimagination and knowledge across disciplines. In our Master of Arts (MA) in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations and MA or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Socially Engaged Art programs, Moore’s challenging educational environment and outstanding faculty inspire graduate students to pursue their work and research with focus and intensity. 

As the activities and commitments of our alumni confirm, Moore graduate students successfully complete their degrees with the capacity and drive to be insightful practitioners, influential thought leaders and change agents who are prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

What does it mean to be a graduate student at Moore? It means having the strong support of a network of mentors and peers. Our graduates succeed not only because of exceptional faculty mentors and real-world experiences, but also because of each other. 

You will be part of a creative cohort of researchers and makers, who share an ethos of careful attention to each other’s work and who thrive on the complex, often demanding pleasures of study, production, writing and experimentation. We will actively support your creative and intellectual journey in a compelling pedagogical environment, where our dynamic community of faculty members, visiting artists, scholars and leaders will advise, challenge, question and encourage you at every turn. Graduate students also benefit from rich opportunities in Philadelphia and beyond, through projects, collaborations and community partnerships.

Two Programs, Countless Possibilities

Moore's Graduate Studies programs build on Moore's esteem legacy of preparing students for success in creative fields. They are one-of-a-kind offerings that you won't find anywhere else, with common threads such as access and social justice, education and engagement, connections and support, and place-based inquiry.

Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations

A rigorous program that prepares and empowers art educators to develop skills for adapting and implementing strategies that enrich the lives of all learners. Our candidates graduate prepared to enter the classroom and to advance the field of art education through their everyday practice. (MA degree with or without certification)

Socially Engaged Art

Moore’s Socially Engaged Art degree programs bring together artists and organizers in the same space, to critically and pragmatically engage in the discourses and practices concerned with the role, history and potential of art in relationship to society. Through our classes, public programs, community partnerships, symposia and the work of our renowned students and faculty, we are making our way through the world, asking challenging questions together. (MFA and MA degree programs)

Prepare to Forge Your Future.

Your Graduate Studies experience at Moore will be unlike any other.

Symposium field trip to Southeast by Southeast storefront in South Philadelphia.

Connect & Collaborate

Moore offers graduate students a rich array of field research, networking and professional opportunities throughout Philadelphia. Through field trips, studio visits, group projects, internships, symposia, meetings with guest critics and more, we maintain, build and create new partnerships every year. 

Moore graduate student using campus equipment.

Fellowships & Assistantships

Moore awarded $150,000+ in Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships in 2020. To be eligible for one of these highly competitive opportunities, applicants must submit all materials before the February 1 deadline. 

Speaker talking to audience at Moore Art Education event.

Assemble & Activate

Moore students and faculty share the unique opportunity to engage in provocative conversations with visiting guests in order to explore solutions, create awareness and share expertise. Public programs and symposia are ideal spaces to meet and connect with professionals and practitioners who can help you form the building blocks of your own practice.

See What Our Alumni Are Doing

Huewayne Watson MFA '18 Alumni | Socially Engaged Studio Art

Huewayne has been working on a 2021 exhibition, to take place at the African American Museum of Philadelphia, about the work of Anna Russell Jones, Moore’s first African American alumna.

Pursue your MFA in Socially Engaged Studio Art
Katherine Videira MA '18 Alumni | Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations

Katherine presented research at the 2nd International Conference on Disability Studies, Arts & Education and Pennsylvania Art Education Association Conference in fall 2019 and ran a professional development workshop on the same topic for art teachers in the Pitman, NJ school district.

Learn more about the MA in Art Education
Yaroub Al Obaidi MA '19 Alumni | Socially Engaged Art

Yaroub presented at the National Humanities Conference in Honolulu, HI, in November 2019 and began a PhD program in fall 2020 in Media Communication at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Read about the MA track in Socially Engaged Art

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