Moore’s Master of Arts in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations is a rigorous program that prepares and empowers art educators to develop skills for adapting and implementing strategies that enrich the lives of all learners. 

We develop and test innovative techniques through action-based research in a field setting, while critically assessing art education policies and documenting the study of contemporary art education issues for diverse learners. Our candidates graduate prepared to enter the classroom and to advance the field of art education through their everyday practice. 

FAST FACT: 100% of Moore MA in Art Education 2018 & 2019 graduates are employed in their field of study or enrolled in a doctoral program!

  • Our MA is a 15-month, 30-credit program 
  • Hybrid delivery: You’ll be on campus in the summer for six weeks, then online in fall and spring 
  • Only program of its kind in the United States 
  • Designed for art educators who are already certified 
  • MA + Certification is a 27-month program 
  • Combines and integrates certification and master’s classes: composed of both traditional post-baccalaureate courses leading to certification and MA courses 
  • Start graduate courses in your first summer term and begin to identify and develop a thesis project 

Alumni Spotlight

Hear from MA in Art Education graduates, in their own words.
Al San Valentin MA '19 Alumni

"As an LGBTQ+ person of color, it’s refreshing to see a program that is aware of itself and is constantly re-evaluating. 'Special populations' is a phrase that most people typically limit to special needs, yet that did not inhibit the MA program. Rather, diverse perspectives are invited to use that phrase as a vehicle for further inquiry. What I was learning in the program was also preparing me for professional settings beyond satisfying coursework requirements. I never felt like I was being pushed to become a certain kind of educator or researcher. Instead I was being supported to discover the kind of educator I need to be."

Hannah Swanson MA '20 Alumni

"Moore’s emphasis on special populations is so valuable and incredibly
important, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get an education remotely similar if I went somewhere else. I valued the freedom and encouragement to study and experience what I felt was important to me. Before I was even done with my student teaching, I was offered a job at a K–12 special populations school. My education at Moore set me up for that success.”

Why Choose Art Education at Moore?

Lauren Stichter Director of Art Education

Growing up, I found academics to be very challenging. I struggled even to complete high school. Like many of my students now, I did not fit the “one-size- fits-all” education system that we find ourselves in today. However, I always felt successful in the art room. Not because I was the best artist, but because my art teacher chose to celebrate me as a whole person and offered me opportunities to express myself in an environment that was open, accessible and affirming.

Whether you are a Pre-K–12 art teacher, community arts educator, museum educator or teaching artist, here at Moore College of Art & Design we pride ourselves on offering the only program in the country that equips its graduates with the knowledge and skills to make art accessible to everyone. This includes training and research on topics such as decolonizing the art curriculum, disability studies in art education, universal design for learning strategies, best practices for including students from the LGBTQ+ community,
supports for English language learners and therapeutic approaches in art education.

Our highly trained and experienced faculty are looking for candidates who are curious, who have a sense that something better is possible and who are bold enough to do the work. Come and join us for this one-of-a-kind experience. Let’s expand the field of art education together.

Recent guests of the Art Education program include:

Marcus Branch, Justin Brown, Liz Byron, Dr. Marta Cabral, Samantha Davis, Maria Dumlao, Mark George, Leslie Grace, LeDerick Horne, Hanna Lee MA '16, Katherine Lee MA '18, Alexandra Montgomery, Jennifer Nadler, Carol Saylor, Isaac Scott, Sarah Shaw, Michael P. Stafford, Counsel, Stephanie Stern, Lindsay Wister, Dr. Courtnie Wolf, Margo Wunder

Visit and Apply

We'd love to meet you and tell you more about the MA in Art Education at Moore! Visit our Graduate Studies Admissions page to learn about upcoming virtual info sessions, how to visit campus or connect with faculty, and how to start your application.