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Artist Statement

Everyday women compare themselves to each other. It’s this act of compare and contrast that leads women to become insecure with their own bodies. These insecurities make women feel like they need to hide their bodies, and without proper representation, women will continue to feel alone. My work gives women a chance to confront both their insecurities and the society that shames their bodies.

I capture these touchy areas by life casting. These life casts include breasts, vaginas and stomachs. Once the cast is completed and presented to the models, there's a feeling of confidence that fills each woman. Seeing their "problem areas" turned into works of art makes them feel better about their own bodies. These casts are wall pieces, intended to be seen all together in gallery style.

Helping women feel more confident in their bodies is something I am passionate about. In today’s society it has become the norm to hate one's body. Even if you fit the "standard" of beauty, there is an instinctual need to pick yourself apart and locate what may need work or to be covered up. I hope my works change the way people see women's bodies and alter a woman's perception of herself. By seeing bodies on a more confrontational scale, honest comparison and contrasting can happen. It's my hope that women can relate to these casts and, in turn, feel more confident and continue the cycle.



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