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The Coping Corner is an installation that visually represents the emotional transition that's experienced because of the pandemic. Initially, I began this project because setting goals and making artwork contributes positively to my mental health, but the lack of in-person interaction has left me feeling otherwise. I didn't expect it to affect me so much and as a result, I've created a space that literally exists in my living room, where I'm left working for no one to actually visit, but still preparing activities and a space as if someone still could.  

Within the installation are remnants of pieces that I intended to pursue since the pandemic began. I reworked, painted over, and reconsidered these pieces to fit next to each other. The act of social distancing and quarantining extended to my process, causing me to use all the materials I already own within my apartment.  Constant repainting and building with bright colors was integral to working through the badgering feeling of loneliness. 


There are items for others to experience in person, but are currently only available for me to touch and go through. As the work grows, it takes an adverse effect on how I feel about the installation and how it affects my mood in my living room space. Rather than creating an enjoyable space, it began to feel cramped and unpleasant to build upon, leaving me to wonder how long I'll be letting it exist in my living room.


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