Be Yourself. Be Creative.

Be Yourself. Be Creative.

Located in the heart of Philadelphia — Moore has a proud tradition of providing women the tools, access and opportunities needed to become leaders. We offer women, nonbinary and gender-nonconforming students a supportive, career-focused environment designed to help you achieve your goals.

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Find yourself at the intersection of making art and making a living. We offer a supportive, career-focused learning environment that will help achieve your goals. Find the program that's right for you!

Moore Creates Leaders

Moore cultivates creativity, promotes scholarship and prepares its students for professional careers in the visual arts by emphasizing critical thinking, problem solving, risk-taking and strong communication skills.

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Over the years, Moore has taught me to become a leader rather than a follower, which I thought wouldn't be possible for me. I feel more confident in myself as a person and as an artist, and I thank everybody at Moore for doing that."

Jennifer Tran '20 Animation & Game Arts

Moore’s emphasis on special populations is so valuable and incredibly important, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get an education remotely similar if I went somewhere else. I valued the freedom and encouragement to study and experience what I felt was important to me. Before I was even done with my student teaching, I was offered a job at a K–12 special populations school. My education at Moore set me up for that success.”

Hannah Swanson MA '20 MA in Art Education

[This program] has been a major help in my work. I feel like it is so helpful having an above average knowledge on these programs so I can better understand and articulate my thoughts and show off my skills!"

2019 Adult Continuing Education student

I love SADI, I love Moore and I love Philadelphia. Everyone there from the RAs to the instructors were massively supportive."

SADI 2019 Student