Young Artists Workshop (YAW) students connect with and expand their creativity with others who share the same interests in art and design. The program, founded in 1921 and celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021, maintains a rich legacy of offering exceptional art and design educational experiences for youth and high school students in grades 3–12. YAW provides a strong grounding in the visual arts and encourages artistic and personal growth through inventive self-expression. Each course creates a dynamic environment where students build self-confidence along with a foundation of creative and technical skills. 

This year, we’re going virtual! In response to COVID-19, Moore College of Art & Design is offering College-wide remote learning for fall 2020, which includes Young Artists Workshop classes. 

We’re committed to keeping our students safe and offering course options that are engaging, enriching, and, most importantly, fun! Students have a plethora of activity throughout the day—and it’s not all screen time. YAW instructors, who have already received extensive training for remote instruction for grades 9–12 and possess online teaching experience, are well-prepared to work within this format and will bring their expertise to these fall classes. They will employ a mix of synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods to keep every young artist focused on meeting their goals.

Special Opportunities

Celebrate your Achievement

Receive a certificate of merit and transcript to commemorate your dedication to art & design


Build an excellent portfolio—a vital part of any art & design school application


Apply for a Work Study Grant and develop skills as a program assistant in exchange for full tuition of one course.

Register for YAW Fall 2020

The YAW online experience is as engaging and exciting for young artists as always, even in the virtual realm. We encourage those thinking about joining us for YAW in fall 2020 to contact the Continuing Education office at or 215.965.4030 in order to discuss how we can help you find your place in this special program. We look forward to seeing you online in October!