At Moore College of Art & Design, every journey to career success starts with a strong education in art and design. Academic excellence is at the heart of our mission and values—and whether you're just discovering your love of art and design or interested in honing your craft as you prepare for the next chapter in your life, there is truly something for everyone at Moore.

At Moore, students find and hone their own distinct creative voices. They are guided every step of the way by faculty who are respected influencers in their fields. A Moore education is real-world problem solving, intellectual engagement and the development of hands-on expertise to lead professionally.  We are an ecosystem of academic programs that exist together and benefit from each other—not just for college-aged students, but also children, teenagers and adult learners of every age.

Through Undergraduate (BFA) and Graduate Studies programs, our graduates succeed not only because of exceptional faculty mentors but also because of each other. We are also advocates for breakthrough artists and designers of all ages and backgrounds, and we offer dynamic educational programs for creatively curious youth and adults, including Adult Continuing Education courses and certificate programs; our annual Teachers Summer Institute for working art educators; our esteemed pre-college residential program, the Summer Art & Design Institute; and the century-old Young Artists Workshop for students in grades 3–12.

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Year Two: Animation & Game Arts Core Curriculum HI.

Course Requirements for Year Two Animation & Game Arts Students

  • 3 credits

This course covers the fundamentals of telling a story through movement and narrative visuals. Students will learn the basics of timing, point of view, and designing a sequence that can be translated into motion or graphic storytelling. The animation will focus on the basic principles of creating the illusion of movement through the sequencing of still images. Emphasis will be placed on basic animation fundamentals such as cycles, squash and stretch, anticipation/reaction, etc.

Students will produce a short animation using a sequence of Photoshop images that are imported into After Effects and linked with sound. Final projects will incorporate the course fundamentals, starting with a storyboard and finishing with an animation that translates the board into a short piece that has a beginning, middle and conclusion.

  • 3 credits

Students enrolled in History of Animation & Game Arts will develop a familiarity with the histories, theories, and economics surrounding film, video, animation, gaming, media theory, online/social media, entertainment, advertising, marketing and various additional media with which they are engaged. Through readings, assignments, projects and discussions, this course will provide a historical and theoretical context of the interactive world that the students are exploring in their studio-based classes.

  • 3 credits

This hybrid studio and lecture class focuses on game structure and elements. Students will explore various game genres, perspectives, characters, movements and tactics. Students will use the Gamemaker engine to create two simple game prototypes that illustrate a range of topics.

Academic Programs

We offer various undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as classes and certificate programs for youth and adults. Choose the program that best describes what you want to achieve at Moore.

Undergraduate Studies

For those seeking a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree from Moore. Choose from nine undergraduate programs and an array of minors, all designed to cultivate each student's creative talents and provide the technical and professional skills essential to building a successful career in art or design.

Graduate Studies

For those seeking a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) or Master of Arts (MA) from Moore. Our co-ed Graduate Studies programs in Art Education with an Emphasis in Special Populations and Socially Engaged Art are open to students from all backgrounds, and continue and build upon Moore’s rich legacy of esteemed and progressive education.

Post-Baccalaureate in Art Education

The Post-Baccalaureate in Art Education is designed for individuals who have an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts, and who want to pursue an exciting new career as an art teacher. Students are prepared according to Pennsylvania Department of Education standards.

Adult Continuing Education

Moore's co-ed Continuing Education programs are for career changers and creative professionals who seek new skills and enhanced credentials. We offer credit and noncredit course options in Digital Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design. Our annual professional development retreat for art teachers, the Teachers Summer Institute, is a chance to learn new skills for the classroom.

Youth Education

Children and teens interested in art and design have many ways to learn and develop at Moore. Our Young Artists Workshop classes for grades 3–12 take place year-round, in fall, spring and summer sessions. Female students in grades 10–12 can get a sneak preview of the art and design college experience through the annual Summer Art & Design Institute.

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