— by Dalita Khoury, Continuing Education Program Manager
Headshot of Lillian Marcoccia ’25

Editor’s note: This conversation has been edited for length. Learn more about the Summer Art and Design Institute here

What made you decide to attend SADI?

SADI’s month-long immersion in art school was an experience I was looking for in order to make sure Moore was the right choice for me, and it did just that! I was very nervous at the prospect of going to art college, it all felt too big, so I wanted somewhere to safely test the waters.

What skills did you learn at SADI that helped you in your creative career?

I had the opportunity to take multiple classes in different majors that opened up my artistic skill set and interests. The screen printing class I took during SADI was what inspired me to get into printmaking and eventually to making my own shirt designs. Having a month of just focusing on art was a great feeling, I think I improved a lot and learned a lot about myself as an artist during my time at SADI.

Lillian Marcoccia during SADI

How did SADI help you prepare for college life? Did anything surprise you?

Living on campus during SADI gave me a lot of insight to what it’s like to live at school and what my routine would be like. Having taken classes that are a taste of what full-time school would be like was exciting and eased a lot of my nerves about jumping into college. I was surprised at how personal and engaging the professors are here at Moore—I assumed I would be in huge classes but I have been able to get great one-on-one time discussing my art with my professors. 

What were the classes like? How challenging did you find the workload?

The classes at SADI were wonderful, I didn’t feel rushed even though we only had a month. The content of the classes was engaging and fast-paced but not ever stressful. I had plenty of time to hang out with new friends and get all of my work done.

In what ways did you feel supported by the faculty and staff during your time in the program?

The faculty at Moore are some of the kindest, most talented people I have met. I loved being able to get to know my professors and their work, I was a little bit star-struck to be able to spend time talking with some professors whose work I particularly admired. The support in the admissions office was also super helpful, they were always there to talk anything out and make sure I felt prepared and supported going into my application to Moore.

Lillian Marcoccia in SADI

What were you most nervous about heading into the program? And how did you feel about it after the program ended?

I was very nervous about meeting everybody who I would be living with and attending classes with for the next month, but upon arrival to Moore I was overwhelmed with nothing but kindness and open arms from everybody I talked to. The community at SADI is very strong and everybody quickly becomes best friends.

What would you say to a student who is thinking about attending SADI but they are really nervous?

You’ll regret not doing it! I gained invaluable experience and made great friends, I have so many fond memories of my time at SADI. Not to mention if you plan on applying to Moore for college it is the perfect stepping-stone between high school and college.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for a student in the SADI program?

  1. Try to take it all in and be in the moment! A month sounds like a long time but it will pass you by before you even know it. 
  2. Get to know your professors, they’re professional artists who are there to help you out!
  3. Explore your creativity and push it to its limits, this is the time to do it! There’s no better place than SADI to go wild with your art and learn about what you like or don’t like as an artist.

Headshot by Dave Rizzio. SADI classroom photos by Steve Weinik.