Students choose Moore so they can enjoy close mentorship and training from our award-winning faculty, made up of working artists, designers and historians who encourage excellence, creative exploration and self-expression. Our small classes feature an 7:1 student to professor ratio, which fosters a uniquely high level of individual attention and support that students can only receive here at Moore. 

“I hope my students learn to allow themselves to be uncomfortable in a new project or position. This is how you learn something new and stretch your skills. The worst thing an artist can do is stop growing.” 


—KELLI WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor, Animation & Game Arts 

As trailblazers in their own fields and disciplines, Moore faculty come to the classroom with a combination of technical skill and real-world experience and expertise. From the moment you arrive through the day you graduateyour faculty will be your biggest cheerleaders and will also push you to explore your potential and grow beyond your previous limits, preparing you for lifelong learning and leadership in your chosen field. 


Moore College of Art & Design’s Faculty Forum is a body of and by faculty to support the teaching and learning mission of the College, and to ensure faculty participation in shared governance. 

The Faculty Forum ensures the faculty’s role in decisions that affect the academic life of the institution, such as the implementation and preservation of curriculum and academic standards and the promotion of the intellectual welfare of students. Because a college is a complex entity, the cooperation of administration, faculty, and governing board is essential to legitimate and effective shared governance. 

The primary goals for the Faculty Forum are as follows: 

  • Provide leadership and expertise in assessing the quality and relevance of curricular development to support teaching and student learning. 
  • Ensure communication across departments, across the faculty, and crucially between the faculty and the administration in shared governance. 

Download the Faculty Forum charter in its entirety (last updated March 19, 2015).

Faculty Forum Diversity and Inclusion Guiding Principles

See below for current members of the Faculty Forum’s Executive Committee, and current chairs of other committees, as well as brief descriptions of each committee’s purpose. 

Executive Committee (2020–2021 academic year):

  • Amanda Newman-Godfrey, President (
  • Jonathan Wallis, President Elect (
  • Lauren Stichter, Vice President (
  • James Johnson, President Emeritus (

Curriculum Committee 

Current Chair: Gigi McGee 
The purpose of the Curriculum Committee is to elevate teaching practices across all disciplines and respond to the curricular needs of faculty. By communicating with faculty, staff, and students, committee members ensure that opportunities are reflective of the college’s Strategic Plan and administrative goals, provide leadership and expertise in assessing the quality and relevance of curriculum, and encourage teaching that best supports student learning. 

Facilities and Resources Committee 

Current Chair: Francine Martini 
The Facilities and Resources Committee aims to improve the teaching environment of the college and strengthen connections between and among students, faculty, and administration. By gathering data from faculty, tracking their needs and concerns, and transferring requests for modifications to the administration, committee members make necessary changes in the name of furthering academic excellence, environmental professionalism, and resources for faculty collaboration and interdisciplinary teaching.

Student Experience Committee 

Current Chair: Kelly Kirby 
The purpose of the Student Experience Committee is to foster, nourish and participate in transparent discussions between students and faculty concerning issues relevant to all community members at the college. The content of these conversations will be shared at Faculty Forum meetings. 

Faculty Experience Committee

Current Chair: Maureen Pelta 
The Faculty Experience Committee provides oversight of matters pertaining specifically to faculty by identifying benchmarks for teaching effectiveness, professional/scholarly achievements, and service to the College. The Committee regularly reviews and discusses criteria for peer reviews, promotions, and merit pay. Committee members also review the effectiveness of college committees and committee structure, and documents such as the faculty handbook as well as both student and chair evaluation forms.

Meet the Moore Faculty

Interested in getting to know faculty who teach in specific Moore majors and academic programs? Visit the links below to learn more about your future mentors and teachers!