Philadelphia, PA – Students from Moore College of Art & Design and artists from Obvious Agency are teaming up to transform the 2019 Faculty Triennial into an interactive gaming experience in Game the Galleries with Obvious Agency, Thursday, March 7, 6 – 8 pm at The Galleries at Moore, 1916 Race Street, Located on The Parkway.

Using play, narrative, technology and interactive performance, visitors will discover a transformed gallery and unlock new dimensions to the art-viewing experience.

“Part of this event is about subverting some of the perceived rules we have for galleries,” said Matt Kalasky, Education and Public Engagement Coordinator at The Galleries at Moore, of reshaping the gallery space. “You don’t usually have lots of movement and noise.”

Obvious Agency produces games and interactive live performances. They craft responsive systems that blur the lines between audience and performer, theater and game. In addition to working by commission for cultural institutions, they produce the creative work of their members, Joseph Ahmed, Arianna Gass and Daniel Park. Previous projects include: "Barnes Jawn(t)," commissioned by the Barnes Foundation, where community leaders from around Philly gave improvised, zany, and personal tours of the collection after only one hour of preparation; "Go To Sleep," a 15-minute, one person at a time, real-life adventure game about insomnia; "The Diamond Eye Conspiracy" a live action game for the Samuel S. Paley Library at Temple University.