July 17, 2020

Dear Moore Community:

I'm pleased to write today with new updates about what to expect when you return to Moore’s campus this fall. After releasing our initial plans in May, we have crafted additional materials and enhanced our plans in order to provide the safest experience possible for all members of our community.

Our planning documents are essential for all Moore community members to follow carefully, and based on evolving federal, state and local guidelines for colleges and universities. We will continue to update you in the weeks and months to come if these guidelines change. As always, we have kept the following aspects at top of mind throughout our planning process: 

  • The continued health and safety of all members of our community 
  • An ongoing high-quality academic experience for all students 
  • A robust student life and campus experience for all students 

Attached to this email you will find a Fall 2020 Guidebook for New and Returning Students, with information pertinent to students and their families. In addition, we are including a copy of our Honor Code for Safety, which outlines important guidelines for follow for maintaining individual and community health and safety. All new and returning students will be expected to sign off on this Honor Code before returning to campus. Return your signed Honor Code for Safety by August 1, 2020 to our Student Affairs Office at studentaffairs@moore.edu.

As you read through the guidebook, you will note three important new updates to our return plans:

Per City of Philadelphia recommendations, we will house one (1) student per residence hall room during the Fall 2020 semester. In order to accommodate all students who require housing, we have partnered with the Sheraton Downtown, located within a short walking distance of six minutes to Moore’s campus, to provide housing for seniors and some juniors. Sartain Hall, for comparison’s sake, is a three-minute walk to campus. A shuttle will also be made available to transport students from the hotel to Moore.

All students will be tested for COVID-19 when they first arrive on campus. We also ask that, if at all possible, students get tested before they depart home for campus and remain home if they test positive.

All on-campus classes will also be broadcast via Zoom (either concurrently or asynchronously) for students who wish to participate from home. Moore Faculty will be provided with the necessary tools to ensure that all students receive the best classroom experience, both in person and remotely, through rigorous training and additional resources. 

I want to acknowledge and thank the Academic Affairs and Academic Services departments, and our wonderful Faculty, led by Academic Dean Patti Phillips, who have pivoted and reassessed at every turn during this unpredictable time, in order to offer this dynamic and responsible balance of both remote and on-campus courses and experiences. It is truly remarkable what they have done and will continue to do to support and accommodate our students in their learning and research, and the College is expending additional resources to support them in return. In addition, we are thrilled to have Tonya Lee on our team, our new Instructional Technology & Online Learning Coordinator, who has an MFA in Painting from the University of North Carolina and is an experienced college-level instructor and artist, and therefore brings a wealth of knowledge to remote art and design instruction.

The Fall 2020 Guidebook for New and Returning Students and Honor Code for Safety will be available on the Moore website at moore.edu/coronavirus, in the “Fall 2020 Return to Campus Planning section.” We will continue to update this section of our website and reach out with new updates as necessary. Please direct any questions about these documents to Alysson Cwyk, Chief of Staff, at acwyk@moore.edu.

We look forward to a safe return to campus and to seeing you all in just a few weeks! 

Warm wishes, 
Cecelia Fitzgibbon 

Safety Precautions

1. If you are a student and experience a fever or other flu-like symptoms, call Student Health Services to speak to our nurse (215.965.4032). If you are faculty or staff, stay home and contact your supervisor, Human Resources and Primary Care provider.

2. If traveling and feeling unwell, seek medical care. International SOS or your health insurance can be a good source of information regarding accessing care.

3. Get a flu vaccine: They are available by walk-in at local pharmacies. Seasonal Influenza occurrence in Philadelphia remains high and vaccination is the best preventive measure.

4. Use good hand hygiene: Wash hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, taking care to wash between your fingers and thumbs, or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.

5. Limit the spread of germs and illness: Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. If you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your sleeve or elbow. Refrain from touching your face, especially your mouth, eyes and nose. Avoid shaking hands and avoid sharing food, drinks, utensils, cups, vapes/JUULs, etc.

Campus Resources

Mental Health Counselor appointments (for students only), available Monday through Friday, 11 am – 7 pm each day. Mental Health Counselors can be reached at the following numbers and email addresses: 

Andrea Bernstein: 781.561.9001, abernstein@moore.edu

Jo Coppola: 484.424.9816, jcoppola@moore.edu

Guardian Insurance’s Confidential Employer Assistance Program (for staff and faculty)

We will continue to stay in communication with any updates as they arise.